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  • Twisted nanophotonic technology for integrated chiroptical sensing of drugs on a chip

Project Focus

Chirality is the asymmetric property of an object that makes it distinguishable from its mirror image, as happening to our hands. In pharmacology, chirality of molecules plays an important role because the efficacy of drugs largely depends on their chiral composition. Therefore, chiral purity and selectivity are important for the development of new drugs and for testing their biotoxicity.


In particular, the quest for new drugs requires reliable, ultra-sensitive and fast techniques to identify, refine and test small volumes of chiral drug candidates for clinical trials. TwistedNano addresses this need through the development of next-generation miniaturized photonic devices enabling the characterization of small quantities of chiral drugs with volumes of a few nanolitres through light, revolutionizing at source the technological toolbox for drug discovery and nanomedicine.